Traveling the 3.734 km long journey along the Mississippi we discovered the big heart of the American challenge.

Mississippi is the busiest artery of the U.S., the backbone of the country and a symbol of America’s pioneer and entrepreneurial spirit.
Today the Old Man River crosses a region that has jump-started its sluggish manufacturing sector and has gone back to producing things, proudly displaying the made in USA brand. Many companies have moved back their operations along the banks of the Big Muddy after year of manufactoring in China, India and Mexico.
Food, goods and crude oil are carried on this waterway of Capitalism. Our multimedia exploration pays homage to one of the greatest American icons, the river that shaped the modern American character, provided inspiration for the greatest music of the 20th century and quenched the literary thirst of people like Mark Twain and William Faulkner.

Back in 2014, the expedition team was composed only of journalist Marzio G. Mian and photographer Alessandro Cosmelli (www.alessandrocosmelli.com). It was out of Marzio’s idea to start a long-term project about the societies and cultures that were born by and still live on the big rivers of the world.
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