On a camper turned into a mobile newsroom we drove up and down the river for 2.000 km, almost 3 times its length.

We travelled from Venice to Turin, a journey upstream along the Po River. It was like crossing a forgotten region, an almost exotic land in the heart of Italy’s north plain, the industrial and agricultural engine of the country.
The Po River flows across the most densely populated and richest area of Italy, but its banks are almost abandoned. A stretch of land that remains isolated and preserved: we called it the 21st Italian region, a repository of human stories, biodiversity and beauty – but also a reservoir of abuses and neglect.
This multimedia project was an excuse to explore life away from the spotlight and the glamour of big cities and to tell current stories about the father of all Italian rivers, its identity and its traditions. We travelled in a campervan that was turned into a newsroom, a field kitchen and a living room to welcome the people that we met along the river.

This journey along the Po became many things: the most innovative is the web documentary that was launched on Corriere della Sera’s website Corriere.it: it’s an interactive project that lets users explore the river through a mix of video, photos, audio and articles (the web doc is best seen on a Chrome browser).


In July 2015, before launching the web-doc on the internet, the first of a series of 8 reports shot on the Po River made the cover story of SETTE, the weekly magazine of Corriere della Sera.

The reports were published weekly throughout the whole summer.
po_sette_01You can read and download all the articles clicking on the following links:

A couple of lectures and some events organized by the River Journal team followed. In October 2015, we organized, with the support of Consorzio Grana Padano, a cultural event at the U.S. Pavilion during EXPO2015. We were on stage with the video-installation “MISSISSIPO: A placid chat, a turbolent synchrony” and the theatrical performance “Dialogue between the two rivers.”

On Dec. 15, 2015, we celebrated Christmas with the event we organized for Fondazione Cariplo at the Spazio Maimeri in Milan. We had a great evening with a great audience, lots of friends, Francesco Garolfi’s music and awesome cocktails offered by Parmigiano Reggiano.

Finally, in March 2016 we organized, with the support of SMAT, an event at the Mole Antonelliana in Turin to celebrate the evergrowing importance of water on the occasion of the 24th World Water Day.